Meet Steven


My mission in life is to help others discover that personal fulfillment and success is a daily choice. That choice determines our actions. And our actions (or inactivity) lead to the results. Most people I meet know what they need to do, they are simply not doing it. Instead, they compromise their best for something less.

I have discovered that the successes of my life depend greatly upon my commitments and the failures are directly influenced by my compromises!

I believe that it is “as bad to tell a lie, as it is to bore people with the truth.” When I speak to a group of people (a small group of 10 or thousands), I know that the best way to convey a truth, inspire action and have long term application is to be genuine and entertaining. We will have fun. It will not be a lecture or “presentation”; it will be more of a conversation. You can count on stories and energy. But I often hear people say, “It felt like you were talking just to me.” That’s my purpose – to speak to the heart and encourage people to take action on the things that matter most.


Steven grew up in the United States Northwest. Born in Seattle, raised in Idaho. He loves the city and understands small town values. His father was a minister and his mother a school teacher. That might explain why he is so comfortable on the stage and devoted to providing content that leads to real life change. He is an entrepreneur, as well as an effective communicator.

Steven’s experience in leadership roles has included non-profits, business news, employee recruitment and founding his speaking and leadership development firm – Aurora Pointe.

When he is not traveling the country delivering his programs, he enjoys being at home in Kansas City with his family. He also enjoys fly fishing, jazz music, writing, early morning walks, bike riding, great coffee and spending time with his closest friends. Now a grandpa – he has four granddaughters to adore!