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There are two possible reasons why you landed here – you are:

  • Exploring the Options and Looking for a Speaker
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  • Get more than a speaker – You Want A Convention / Event Partner!

Whether you are exploring the options and looking for a speaker or ready to finalize your plans – there is one thing we want you to know:

Our commitment is to become your partner in the planning and implementation of your event. We will do everything we can to make sure that Steven’s program is a fit for you. If it is not, we will give you strong recommendations of other options that would be the best fit! We are deeply passionate about finding ways to make your life easier as you strive to create an outstanding and meaningful event. So here is where you will find the information needed to start the process and the tools for keeping it simple during the event.

Also check out the articles and resources section to find tools and ideas that will enhance your event planning. We are looking forward to being your partner!

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