Breakout Sessions/Workshops

Chasing Porcupines: How to Lead Prickly People

Based on the World Famous Porcupine Races, Steven leads you during this workshop/breakout through an adventure of discovery – the reasons for conflict, the tools for success and the practical methods of working out solutions so that everyone wins!  How do you handle those moments when you encounter uncooperative people? More importantly, how do you direct them to a successful outcome when they are resistant to change? What do you do when you are feeling prickly?  This session provides practical methods for communicating and building trust during uncomfortable times.  Lead others to shared success without getting stuck.   A very popular breakout session that appeals to everyone! “This was a fabulous session.  I have a new perspective on conflict and a strategy on how to work through some issues.  The video of the porcupine races was hilarious!”  -  Stacey T.

“Thinking Inside the Box”

The #1 most irritating business cliche is “think outside of the box” and yet business leaders are pushing for their employees and teams to be more innovative.  The problem:  most people have shifted into a stage of conformity and forgotten the thrill of creativity!  That’s why Steven created this fast moving, interactive and informative program.  Your audience / employees will discover how to spark their creative thinking skills, overcome “boxed-in” thinking, and experience methods of collaboration that generate “out of the box” results!  This is quickly becoming the most requested workshop/training program that Steven offers.   Watch the “Thinking Inside the Box” interview:


Personality Jazz: Creating Harmony at Work

Personality Jazz takes you into the exciting realm of personal styles and reveals the secret of working in rhythm with others. You will discover a new understanding of personalities from the world of Jazz! Personality Jazz explores the core principles and outcomes of:

  • Listening to Each Other
  • Playing Off of Each Other’s Strengths
  • Working Out The Process

Meeting Planners: Your audience will have a refreshing perspective about the significance of their personal strengths, a new appreciation for the contribution of others, the reasons for interpersonal conflict, and how to get better results through intentional communication. .