How We Work

We know that a successful event can be time consuming and you work with a tight budget. We also know that the experience and value your participants gain from it determines your success. That’s why we are committed to making things as simple as possible for you; and will make every effort to be a valuable partner on your convention/event team.

Contact our office to discuss your engagement and confirm Steven’s availability for the date. We want to make sure that Steven’s services are a great fit for your event.

“What is Steven’s Keynote fee?”  –   While most speakers might try to avoid that discussion right up front, we will be up front with you about the fee.  At the same time, we want you to know that Steven offers a “Custom Event Package” that is typically much more friendly to your budget and schedule!  It is rare for him to “fly in, speak, and then fly out.”  Most of the time, he will devote the entire day(s) to you – which means he is available for more than just a single presentation.  So don’t hesitate to ask about this all inclusive offer.

•  You can reserve a date with no financial commitment for 30 days. If another client wants to book Steven for the same date, we will contact you first, giving you opportunity to secure that date.

• To secure a date a 50% deposit of Steven’s fee is required. At this point, we will schedule a preprogram interview. Steven will visit with you and others on your team to gain insight regarding your organization, event theme, and meeting objectives. He will also want to know about any industry trends. This will allow Steven to personalize his presentation to your specific needs.

• In advance of the date, we will confirm the room setup, provide material for your program if needed and continue to coordinate the details regarding Steven’s travel itinerary, lodging, staging, and other logistics. Lodging is usually arranged as a direct bill to your event, organization or company.

• If this is an out of town engagement, Steven will generally arrive the day before his presentation.


TRAVEL expenses for programs outside the Kansas City area include:

• One coach airfare, round trip.

• Ground transportation/Parking

• Shipping of equipment and props, if necessary.

Ask about the “all inclusive” package.