Audio/Visual & Stage Requirements

Steven is devoted to providing the best possible presentation for your audience.  He has only a few requirements that he knows will greatly enhance your desired outcomes.

Stage / Seating:

We will help you determine best arrangements and please remember, Steven will work with whatever set up fits best in your venue or program.  Some programs are best suited for seating at rounds. 

  • A Small table at the front of the room or on the stage.
  • If your audience is more than 100 participants it would be helpful to provide a riser or stage. If possible have a set of stairs at the front of the stage so that Steven can move directly from and into the audience.


  • The preference is a wireless lav or a Countryman mic.
  • Audio connection for laptop to your sound system. 
  • Brief rehearsal/sound check with Steven to verify sound quality.

Keynote Presentations: Lighting

Steven does prefer to be able to see his audience while speaking, but understands that in certain situations you may have different objectives and he is very easy going with your plans.

Slide & Projector:

  • Steven uses Apple Keynote and will bring his own Mac laptop and have your AV team pair it.
  • He will cue his own slides with a handheld remote.
  • If possible, screens should be off to the side(s) rather than upstage center.
  • Sound cabling from laptop to your speakers as some slides are audible.
  • Rehearsal time to verify sound quality, slide functionality, etc.

Again, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns regarding these requests.  Thank you!  913-406-3824