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Is your group ready to face the truth, laugh at reality, learn more about themselves
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 Steven creates that kind of environment and experience!

Here’s what you need to know about Steven Iwersen

1.  START WITH STEVEN’S WEBSITE.  The site is filled with information, insights, and ideas that will help you discover the kind of experience that Steven brings to your group.  Click Here

2.  Watch the Documentary.  “What Motivates A Motivational Speaker?” This short feature gives you a glimpse as to where Steven is coming from and why speaking to your audience is so important to him.  >>>

3. Keynote Topics.  The top three most requested programs are listed on this website.  Steven has multiple hours of additional content that may be a fit for your event or group.  Need a deeper dive on leadership development?  Looking for a customized program?  Contact us and let’s see if there is something Steven can do to help.  If not, he can refer you to dozens of quality speakers that might be a better fit.

4. Steven’s Brochure.  A one-page summary of Steven’s topics, testimonials, credentials, and a partial list of the types of groups/industries that hire him.  Download the Brochure Here 

5. Blog.  Here is a link to blog posts and articles that Steven writes.  This will give you a great perspective on his perspectives of leadership, relationships, personal growth and more.

6. Storyteller.  Steven is often referred to as a master storyteller.  He has the ability to captivate the audience, without the aid of powerpoint, and uses those stories to teach concepts that can bring about real-life strategic change.  Watch the video – “Letting Go of What Holds You Back”

6. Social Media.  You can check out the most current updates and easily stay connected through Facebook,  LinkedIn, Instagram,  Twitter.

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