The following represent the most popular of Steven's keynote presentations and suggested accompanying workshops that provide opportunity for greater impact and application. (All of Steven Iwersen's presentations can be made available for general sessions, breakouts or full day programs.)




There is some good news coming out of the extensive research on goal setting and achievement.  8% of people who set a goal eventually accomplish the goal.  That is fantastic!

Wait.  What about the 92% of us who set goals, take strides to achieve those objectives, but end up missing the celebration of a goal accomplished?


Steven Iwersen presents a humorous and realistic keynote that reveals the two most common reasons
that disrupt the best of intentions for individuals and organizations.  Audience members find themselves nodding in agreement and laughing as they recognize those very reasons in themselves.  Through the use of story, research, and practical application, Steven inspires the audience to courageously “let go of what holds them back” in order to move ahead in accomplishing their desired outcomes.

This keynote is a motivational/inspirational presentation.


CHASING PORCUPINES – How to Work with Prickly People

P1040065Based on the World Famous Porcupine Races, audiences and organizations thought the United States have laughed and learned from this highly engaging presentation about a subject no one wants to talk about: Conflict and its influence.


Everyone has a prickly person in their life or in the workplace.  And everyone is asking the same questions:  How do we handle those moments when we encounter an uncooperative person?  What do we do when there are differing opinions?  Why are some people so grumpy?  Is there a way to a successful outcome when a person on the team is resistant to change?

Steven leads you through an adventure of discovery that reveals the:

  • Reasons for conflict
  • Tools for building better understanding
  • Practical methods of working out solutions so that everyone wins!

This presentation provides a perspective for communicating and building trust during uncomfortable times of change.  You can lead others to shared success without getting stuck!





Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: The Box or the Curtain…

Keynote: Let's Make a deal

December 1963 – game show history was made when the original “Let’s Make A Deal” first aired.  It changed the rules and expectations of daytime game shows.  Steven Iwersen’s Keynote: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions changes the rules of the traditional keynote and brings your audience immediately into the experience as they discover:

  • The Truth about Decision Making
  • The Risks & Rewards of Taking Action
  • How Motivation Can Be A Distraction
  • How Personal Influence Can Change Everything

Be prepared for your audience members to participate in making decisions, laughing at the outcomes, building team effort and discovering the power of individual actions and responsibility.  




PERSONALITY JAZZ: Creating Harmony At Work

Personality Jazz.001Differences in personalities, points of view, past experiences, and personal motivations are the factors that make a great team.  They can also complicate how we work together. Most people have experienced some form of personality assessment and have done 1 of 3 things:

  1. Used the information to improve their people skills and personal performance.
  2. Failed to see how it compliments their interaction with others.
  3. Promptly dismissed it as useless and forgotten its importance.

Steven Iwersen brings a new perspective to the conversation – using the world of Jazz to reveal the exciting realm of personality styles and the secret of working in rhythm with others. This one-of-a-kind program is audience centered and interactive. Steven uses music and group encounter to create a program that leads participants to a refreshing perspective about the significance of their personal strengths, a new appreciation for the contribution of others, the reasons for interpersonal conflict, and how to get better results through intentional communication.





THE AMBITION EFFECT: How Ordinary People Achieve Exceptional Results

Many people describe their life like a roller coaster – highs and lows, twists and turns, thrilling for a season – but always coming back to the same results.

“The greatest tragedy is not that the ride comes to an end; but that we keep coming back to where we started, and then do it all over again.”  ~ SI

That is how most people, who began with inspiring aspirations, end up stuck in a pattern of maintenance and lose their personal enthusiasm.

Successful people – those who have a sense of contentment and satisfaction in their personal and professional development – live by a set of common beliefs and behaviors.  However, there is one thing that separates those who live their dreams from those who dream of living. It is the one consistent trait found in those who break out of the roller coaster pattern and discover new possibilities.  Steven Iwersen calls it the Ambition Effect.

This Keynote program reveals the Four Essential Principles that every person can apply to begin achieving the results they want in their personal and professional life.