Laugh a little.

No better yet, laugh a lot.  It’s good for your mind, heart, and relationships.


The scientific research shows that laughter is a tremendous stress reliever.  It has been found to have an anti-inflammatory effect on blood vessels and your heart muscles.  Laughter enhances your brain activity and ability to communicate.  It is contagious and serves as a tool for bonding with other people.  Couples who laugh together are reported to have higher quality relationships.

Who would you rather spend time with – a grumbling unhappy person or a joyful, smiling individual?  I’m going to guess that you chose a happy person.  If you chose the grump, I hope you have a good reason.

My wife and I walked into a restaurant (no this isn’t a set up for a joke).  The host asked our preferences for seating.  I said:  “We’d like for you to seat us at the table of the server which is having a bad day and is in a cranky mood.”

The host and the manager both looked up and laughed.  

I then said, “We are here to make their day better.”

They looked around the room deliberating for a moment and showed us to Laurie’s table.  When Laurie came by to find out what we’d like to drink, we smiled and told her how happy we were that she was our server.  She lit up and smiled!  

The service was fabulous.  We all laughed together.  We have a new favorite server.

Laughter is a fantastic influence on your mindset.  It improves your social impact.  Make a decision today to smile.  Look for the joy in the circumstances.  People will be glad to see you coming.

~  Steven Iwersen, CSP

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