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Building a successful business today depends on three intentional skills:

Responsiveness to Rapid Change,

Relational Leadership,

Building and Sustaining Trust.

Sales, leadership, engagement, customer service, personal growth — all thrive in a relationship economy.  Being people-focused is what will differentiate you from the competition as we all race faster into a high-tech, process-oriented culture.

Steven examines the challenges of constant change, the misunderstandings that arise, the shifting of expectations and shows how you can use them as strategic elements for shared success. 


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Steven’s Presentations DELIVER Your

 Preferred Outcomes by Increasing:

Herding Porcupines:

How to Turn Disruption Into

Your Competitive Advantage

~  ~  ~ 

Leading the Reluctant

How To Move Prickly People to Preferred Outcomes

Quill Power

The New Will Power for Success

in a Prickly World

Personality Jazz

Creating Harmony at Work

Steven brings an insightful, playful, and inspiring call to action that sparks positive change.

Convention Keynote

Company Team Meeting

Leadership Training

Tailored Programs

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Want to create long-term change and a leadership culture?  Ask us about the

Porcupine Champions Leadership System that you can use to complement your in-house training program.


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Porcupine Philosophy:

365 Leadership Points to Ponder

To be a leader you have to think like a leader!  But, who has time to think about leadership development when navigating and leading others through change? Now, you can purposefully reflect on what makes for a great leader with this book.  Designed to give you one insight for reflection per day.  Created to help you establish your own leadership philosophy.  Great leaders are thoughtful leaders.

The perfect companion to The Porcupine Principles!

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The Porcupine Principles!

Ideas big and small are scattered generously throughout the book, and as you read a very believable business story, you’ll pick up on things that will make you a more effective person — a more effective leader.

Mark Sanborn, Author of "The Fred Factor"

The Porcupine Principles! will take your leadership from average to awesome!

David Newman, Do It Marketing

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