Customized virtual keynotes, team meetings, workshops, and mini-series that will ENERGIZE your online experience and learning objectives.


Planning your event is like attempting to hit a moving target. You used to be able to rely on a fine-tuned event management plan and people would gather together, make connections, and gain new insights from the program.

Now, you have to overcome the challenges of operating remotely, capacity limitations, and even postponed live conferences!

The objectives have not changed (get people together, provide relevant content, create experiences that move people to action), but the platforms are now different.


On March 12, 2020, I was boarding a flight in Seattle and heading home after speaking at an employee event.  We were getting ready for takeoff, and most of our upcoming events were being grounded.

Almost everything changed in a matter of days. Except for one thing – my mission and purpose to inspire and empower people to achieve championship results when going through change.

Looking back on that day in March, I can see that the SEATAC airport became the runway for a new approach in sharing my message.  I went from stage to screen bringing the insights and strategies of winners to audiences around the world. We’ve collaborated with our clients to co-create virtual programs that have provided a breath of fresh air in a typical stuffy webinar world!

I miss the energy of an audience that is on location — but I still bring the same enthusiasm and interactive style I use on a stage to the small screen.  I hope that you and I will get a chance to design a virtual experience that makes your attendees want more!

Take a look below at some of the ways we can start co-creating your virtual meeting.

Then call me and let’s get started.



Pre-recorded Customized and Branded Keynote:

You’ve found that the best strategy for your meetings is the one that helps to avoid any potential tech glitches. We can help with that! This option permits us to go into the studio and create for you a fully branded and tailored experience for your organization. You get a “plug and play” option that your audience will love.

Live Virtual Keynote Program:

Many of our clients are committed to bringing their people together in real-time and want the keynote or training experience to also be live. This option puts Steven “on-air” directly from the studio, using a multi-camera, multi-set approach that is highly engaging and professionally produced.

Live Hybrid Keynote:

You’ve made the commitment to begin bringing your attendees together in-person and live-streamed. We will help turn your socially distanced crowd into a “lively studio audience” while also engaging your remote attendees in a way that makes them feel fully included.



We have a team of qualified virtual producers that can be your virtual A/V team during your meetings, training sessions, or conference programs.  If you are a speaker and a client wants you to use a platform you don’t understand – we have team members that can help you focus on teaching while they focus on the tech.

We can help you create the virtual program (engagement interactions, polling, Q&A, slides, and more).


Virtual presenters that engage their audiences and have the most memorable impact are those who understand the power of engagement.  Discover the secrets of professional speakers and become a VIP presenter!  Check out the Virtually Interactive Presentations coaching program for the next available sessions.  

VIP EXCHANGE: Virtual Leadership Show!

Join us every Tuesday for the VIP Exchange Zoom Show that features interviews with professional speakers and leaders that are mastering the art of virtual communication!  This is a free program. Check out the upcoming show information and register today.


Studio Production & Live Streaming

Your client is expecting a professional virtual presence and presentation. Your kitchen table studio and virtual background aren’t quite measuring up to your own expectations.

You’d like to be completely focused on communicating your content and connecting with your audience. But, juggling the mute button, share screen, camera, lights . . . is way too distracting!

Our studio can be your studio.  We’ll take care of all the lights and cameras — you provide the action!  Call to check availability on the calendar.

Filming and Video Production

Capture the essence of your message and business in a promotional video with a director’s cut professional reel.  Or maybe you’d like to create your own video series of content for your clients or employees. How about a special message for your conference featuring your leadership and branding?  Our team can help make your video ideas a reality.  Call today to explore the possibilities. 

Make Your VIRTUAL EVENT a Championship Experience!