CHASING PORCUPINES: How To Lead Prickly People

The #1 reason that stops most organizations from reaching their potential is the influence of negative people. Steven Iwersen’s book, Chasing Porcupines: How to Lead Prickly People reveals a simple approach that will help you turn difficult people into potential winners. Discover the Leadership Lessons of the World Championship Porcupine Races, find practical ways to work through prickly situations, and learn what to do when you are feeling prickly!
Book. 115 pages. Published 2009.

JAZZ: Creating Harmony at Work (Audio CD)

The one quality that assures your success in all aspects of life is your ability to get along with others! Personality Jazz empowers you to:

  • Identify the four basic personality styles
  • Understand how to best communicate with others
  • Play off of each other’s strengths

Just like a great Jazz Combo, you will learn how to listen for the difference and blend the best into a great team experience.   Audio CD. Approx 60 minutes. Created in 2007.