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How To Move Prickly People to Preferred Outcomes  (Book)

A captivating parable that unveils a realistic and practical approach on how to influence people during times of difficulty and change. Through storytelling and a creative approach to strategic thinking, Steven Iwersen explores the most common challenge of leadership – negative thinking and uncooperative people. The story follows Carter, a new CEO of a regional business, as he faces his greatest challenge: leading his employees from an old business model to a preferred future. Even though he does everything in his power to be positive, he runs into critical attitudes and the resistance of people who would rather keep things as they are currently. How can he win them over? What can he do to keep their negativity from hurting company morale? A chance encounter with a helpful business mentor and an unexpected trip to a mountain town in Idaho opens his eyes to a winning strategy of persuasion. Iwersen’s tale, based on the real World Championship Porcupine Races, reveals five simple principles that go to the heart of being a leader and working with prickly people.

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