The Olympic athletes inspire us with their remarkable accomplishments. They push themselves to the very edge of their talents and training, hoping to be on the winners podium.  And what inspires me most is not that the winners are better than the rest, but that every athlete won the right to be in the International competition because of one common denominator.  And this common factor is evident among winners and successful people in every arena of life.  However, it is not always obvious to the spectators.

When I ask people to describe the reasons for a person’s success, the words that are most often mentioned are:  integrity, consistency, self disciplined, character, and hard worker.  All are good qualities and important; but one word is often missing from the list.  That word is – commitment.

Commitment is the hidden element of success that comes disguised in the more obvious of admirable character qualities.

When you observe a person that exemplifies integrity, they are that way because of a commitment to do the right thing.  A consistent person has made a commitment to be dependable and trustworthy.  Self discipline is the evidence of prior commitments.  This is the nature of those we call winners.  This is the common denominator among those who succeed.

The athletes we admire and celebrate have followed through on their personal commitments.  The leaders we trust are those who keep their commitments.  The co-workers you respect are most likely the ones who are committed to performing at the leading edge of their talents and training.
What commitments are you making today that will make you a winner?  Do you have any commitments that need to be strengthened? You can unlock your potential for success in every area of your life when you take your commitments seriously.


Steven Iwersen is a Leadership Development Expert and Keynote Speaker.