Do you have moments when you think that all the hard work isn’t paying off?  I’ll admit it – some days it feels like I’m not making any progress. It is on those days that I try to remember the powerful message from the children’s story “Little Engine That Could” — and I whisper to myself “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”  And yet, it still seems that I’m not getting any traction.  You too?

It doesn’t make sense.  We have the talent, the know-how, the resources, and the time. Maybe the problem isn’t in the “locomotive”, but more about the tracks.

What good is a locomotive without the tracks?  You can have all the power, all the technology, all the ingenuity but without the tracks, you’re going nowhere!

“I think I can” is a nice affirmation, but it isn’t worth much if we don’t give attention to the tracks. The tracks in your life are the daily disciplines and activities that support your forward motion. The tracks are what help you achieve your goals.

THREE QUESTIONS to help you start making tracks:

1) What “tracks” do you need to set in place to go forward?

Examples: A coach, a dedicated time each day for sales calls, an assistant, clarity on your priorities, a financial plan, or possibly you need to finish a degree.  Make your own list.

2) What “tracks” are already in place, but aren’t being used at this time?

Examples: Your staff members, a cloud-based service you’re already paying for monthly, a coaching program, a strategic plan, a savings account, or possibly the power of references from your network.  Make your list.

3) What old “tracks” need to be replaced or left behind because they do not serve you well today?

Examples: A methodology that worked years ago but isn’t now, a high-maintenance customer that isn’t paying high-fees for your services, or possibly a grudge that you’ve been holding onto for way too many years.  Make your list.

I hope you don’t dismiss this little blog post as too simplistic or childish.  I seriously believe that those three track questions should be a part of our weekly personal/professional evaluation.  Getting traction toward the life we’ve always wanted could be totally dependent on the decisions we make in relation to the answers we give.


~  Steven Iwersen  |  Keynote Speaker, Author of “The Porcupine Principles!”, Relational Leadership Expert

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