The pursuit of happiness.  Some people believe that having enough wealth gives you the margin in your life to be comfortable and happy.  Others think that embracing a simple life free of corporate pressures and expectations will provide happiness.  I’ve met folks that define their happiness by location, others by vocation.  Happiness, a quality that we all long for, is experienced and interpreted differently by each individual.

No matter how we define it, happiness is a significant contributor to our mindset.

I saw some old acquaintances not long ago, and we visited for only a few minutes.  It was nice to see them again.  Afterward, I couldn’t shake the thought that they seemed to be unhappy.  Then I remembered, they were that way when I first met them.  I won’t go down the list of things they fussed about, but suffice it to say life, in general, was just short of what they had hoped.  And, in their case, it was the fault of someone, anyone, and everyone.  I felt sadness for them because I could see that they had many reasons to be grateful.  They even acknowledged so much.  But, the gravity of disappointment was pulling them down.

The French novelist, Colette once said:  

“What a wonderful life I’ve had, I only wish that I had realized it sooner.” 

Take time today to realize that your happiness is not an elusive thing. It is not wrapped up in belongings, status or even where you are at any given moment.  A wonderful life is a choice you make to be aware of the good in your life each day and to be full grateful in the moment.

~  Steven Iwersen  |  Keynote Speaker, Author of “The Porcupine Principles!”, Relational Leadership Expert

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