I was sitting in the airport restaurant. A table by the window.  A man and woman nearby started a conversation with me.  We talked about the weather, where we were going, and where we had been.  A few moments later they gathered their things and left. 

“Excuse me.”

I didn’t realize that the guy behind me was talking to me.

“Hey, did I hear you say you’re from Kansas?”

That got my attention, and I turned to see a fellow about my age.  “Yes, I am from Kansas.  What about you?”

“Oh, I’m from Miami; but I get up to the KC area a few times each year for business.  Man, you guys have the best BBQ in the country.”

I smiled because he is right.  After a few minutes of discussing the pleasures of smoked ribs and burnt ends, he turned the conversation to a new subject.

“I heard you talking to that couple a bit ago.  Couldn’t help but notice that you are a positive guy. You didn’t start the conversation, but they seemed comfortable enough to start talking to you.  How do you do that?”

“Kind of like you were comfortable to start talking to me about BBQ?”  

He laughed.

I didn’t have an answer for him, but the whole encounter got me thinking, and if I could go back to that moment I’d like to tell him this:


A pleasant disposition will open up doors to a pleasant position in life and business.


[I’ll be looking for you at the airport.]


~  Steven Iwersen  |  Business Leader, Keynote Speaker, Author

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