There is nothing more frustrating than feeling stuck or lacking momentum on the journey to our preferred outcomes. But, we don’t have to accept those down times as a permanent condition.  We can generate forward motion in our lives, even when things aren’t going our way.

“If there is no wind, row.”  – Winston Churchill

That is an excellent reminder to us to have the right mindset and commitment to do whatever we can to keep moving toward our desired goals.  It is also a reminder that there will be moments when we feel like the wind has been taken out of our sails.

Whatever your dreams and goals may be, there will be people who will whisper criticism.  Their intent could be malicious or well-meaning, but the words can steal the wind from your sails.  “If there is no wind, row.”

Your ideas and plans will challenge the comfort of those around you.  In fact, the goals you have may be stretching you! Don’t let others dismiss your dreams as mere wishful thinking.  When there is no support or encouragement, remember:  “If there is no wind, row!”

You can count on moments that will rob you of your joy, discourage your creativity, and leave you wondering why you even started.  It is in these times that you will be tempted to stand precariously in your “boat” trying to create forward momentum by huffing and puffing into the sails.  Don’t blow it!

“If there is no wind, row.”

You don’t have to wait for a good wind to start creating momentum in your life and career.  You can pick up your oars and get things moving.

Consider the OARS you already have within reach:

O – Organize your calendar.  Turn your top priorities into “appointments” on your schedule. It may be easy to ignore an item on a to-do list, but it is imperative to keep your appointments!

A – Ask.  Ask for the appointment. Ask for the business. Ask for some help. Ask people for their advice. Ask for a referral. You won’t get what you don’t ask for.

R – Relationships.  Take a good look at the dynamics of your existing relationships and consider how you might be able to help others.  One of the quickest ways to start creating momentum is to find ways to serve your family, community, coworkers, and clients. Serve them and don’t expect anything in return. Relationships based on conditions tend to be short-lived.  Relationships built on kindness will have long-term potential.

S – Strengths.  Play to your strengths.  Do what gives you a lift, creates satisfaction and makes you stand out in a crowded world of mediocrity.

“If there is no wind, row.”

~   Steven Iwersen 

Keynote Speaker / Author of “The Porcupine Principles! How to Move Prickly People to Preferred Outcomes”