Winning starts with believing.

“They got what they deserved.”  That is a phrase we have grown accustomed to hearing. Athletes that become disciplined in practice tend to be better prepared to be champions. Salespeople who work diligently in prospecting and listening for ways to meet the needs of their customers tend to be the ones who get the annual top sales awards. These folks apparently deserve to get the prize.  However, long before they lifted weights or picked up the phone to schedule an appointment — they set the course of their future success by choosing the level of their expectations!  Could it be that in all reality, we don’t get what we deserve as much as we get what we expect?

We don’t start anything in our lives because we expect it to fail. We take action based on our belief that it will be worth the effort.

Consider these examples:

  A young man pulls himself up from his wheelchair and struggles to make his legs move under his weight.  Why? Because he’s convinced, he will never walk again?  No!  He makes an effort because he believes he can.

  A couple invests in a new company.  Not because they are convinced it will fail, but because they believe it will succeed.

  You hire a new employee, confident that you will have to fire them within 60 days.  Of course not!  You hire them because you believe they will be a reliable addition to your team.

  You purchase a new book at the store; not because you believe it will be a boring read, but because you believe it will be good.

–  You start a new exercise program because you believe it is good for your health.  You don’t do it because you think it is bad!

Winning starts with believing.

Most people think that being a winner means that they’ve come in first and won the trophy.  But, I’m convinced that being a winner isn’t what happens in the end – it is what inspires us within to begin — decisively!

~  Steven Iwersen, CSP

Keynote Speaker | Author | Relational Leader Expert

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