Your employees want a leader who knows where to go and how to get there.  They need a manager that can demonstrate a balance between the extremes of being too pushy and being a pushover!  They will not tolerate a demanding approach.  And if you hesitate to show some leadership, there will be some employees who will seize the opportunity to undermine your position.

Three Ways to Demonstrate Your Leadership:

1.  Set the Agenda and Communicate the Objectives.

If you are a new manager it is better to do this sooner than later.  Leaders who wait to lead, thinking it is better to go slowly and build a trusting rapport, often discover that their opportunity to take the lead has been forfeited and someone else is calling the shots.  Even more tragic is learning that people were open and willing to explore new ideas in the first few months of your leadership, but have now settled back into old routines.

2.  Involve Everyone in Developing The Action Plan (Strategy)

Ask them for their ideas and include them in the problem solving.  When we genuinely ask for their opinions and find ways to work those ideas into the process, we create a climate of collaboration.

3.  Establish Your Credibility

The most significant act of leadership is to resource your employees with what they need.  Make sure they have the right tools, supplies, and the time to be successful.  Also make sure that you roll up your sleeves and actually help them.