Managers have a tremendous responsibility to influence others.  It is expected from the executive level that your influence will keep projects on target, help to improve productivity, and inspire employees to perform with excellence.

Some managers exercise their influence in a dictatorial approach and get results; but usually short lived and with resentment.  Sadly, their behavior sets a tone for overall work culture decline and employees begin to behave in the same way.  Derek Irvine wrote an excellent article on The Negative Side of Leadership Influence on Company Culture.  He says,  “It doesn’t matter one whit what you say your culture is if everyone –from leadership on down – does not live that culture.”

On the other hand, some managers seem to have a more organic influence, a developmental approach that inspires and encourages people to deliver the results with pleasure and pride.  What is it that makes the difference?  I’ve noticed 5 ways an effective manager influences others.  These may seem a bit unorthodox or realistically obvious to you.  Whatever your perspective, it could be very beneficial to thoughtfully consider how you are using these influencers to empower others.

Here are Five Unique Ways A Manager Can Influence Others:

  1. The Influence of Your Presence
  2. The Influence of Your Ignorance
  3. The Influence of Your Example
  4. The Influence of Your Words
  5. The Influence of Your Silence

I’m going to offer a blog posting on each one over the next few days.  I’d like to invite you to explore how you are using each of these to be a more natural influencer.

– Steven Iwersen