I’ve heard it hundreds of times.  You probably have too.  

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”

That quote is frequently attributed to Albert Einstein;, but there is no evidence that he ever said it. 

I don’t mean to be disrespectful of the persons that like to use this quote, but there are times that I want to say in response: “No, that is not the definition of insanity!  Repeating that quote over and over again and claiming it was Einstein’s is a close second though.”

The reality is that the definition of insanity is officially:

“a severely disordered state of the mind, unsoundness of mind or lack of the ability to understand.”

There you have it.  

Expecting different results without making any changes may be foolishness, I’m not sure it qualifies for insanity.  It may be that we’ve gotten stuck in old habits, come to believe that there is only one way to do the job, or were taught to do the wrong thing.  Refusing to change our approach or to learn a new talent is evidence that we’re just stubborn.  

It is like the guy standing at the depot, holding a one-way train ticket to a preferred future, but watches as his opportunity pulls away because he won’t board the train.


Talent + Tenacity = Desired Results

When we combine tenacity with our talent, we can achieve remarkable results.  

Talent without tenacity won’t move us forward.  (I know plenty of talented people who are still couch surfing.) 

Tenacity without the talent is just busy work.  

But, put the two together, and that’s when you’ll get traction!

  • Is there anything that you need to change today?
  • What new talent do you need to learn?
  • Could it be that you need to keep doing the right thing, one more day?

Don’t buy into the “insanity” plea — get on the train and do what you know needs to be done!

~  Steven Iwersen  |  Keynote Speaker, Author of “The Porcupine Principles!”, Relational Leadership Expert

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