How can we champion a shared solution in times of crisis?

Long before I wrote the business fable “The Porcupine Principles” — the World Famous Porcupine Races brought a community together around one basic problem: How do you persuade a Prickly Partner to be a champion?

Now, there is a tremendous need in our communities to come together to collectively Champion a solution for much bigger problems.

One of the greatest challenges in achieving that collective solution is overcoming the divisions of positions. Everyone has a position (a belief, a bias, and experience) that drives their choices and their voices. The positions become the point in which we make and/or take our stand; and in so doing, we only see what divides us and miss out on what can unite us.

A well-meaning reader recently asked me if the leadership theories I propose in my book would be of any value to our current events or were they just ‘simplified feel-good statements’ for a leadership book. It wasn’t an attack on my ideas or integrity. It was a sincere inquiry that caused me to reflect. Do I truly believe that these ideas could help us work through our differences and come together for a better world?

I do believe these guiding principles would significantly help us through our struggles and improve our efforts to be the society that honors, protects, and champions every one.

I offer here the five “Porcupine Principles” trusting that all of them, practiced in conjunction with each other, will help you personally and give your team/community the framework for having a productive dialogue.
__ __ __

The Principle of the Starting Line:
“Everyone Deserves to be Respected”

The Principle of the Broom:
“The best decisions come from timely, meaningful information and clarity of direction.”

The Principle of the Trashcan:
“Thoughtful conversations can help to achieve positive solutions. Thoughtless confrontations will leave you running in circles.”

The Principle of the Fence:
“Boundaries well-defined lead to greater possibilities.”

The Principle of the Finish Line:
“A shared success is always better than standing alone or apart.”

__ __ __

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~ Steven